'90' bomber by A.N.Tupolev and S.M.Yeger

12k b/w drawing,

During design period of the Tu-16 ('88')long range bomber some alternative variants were considered. The '88/90' aircraft with AL-3 engine (in case of problems with AL-5) was a backup option, ensuring that this bomber appears in time. Since AL-3 thrust was less than that one of AL-5, it was desided that four AL-3 are to be mounted.

Some time later the variant with two TV-12 turbopros was initiated by S.M.Yeger. Turboprop engines could allow to increase the range of the bomber while little reduction of cruise speed.
But it was necessary to redesign main landing gear and wing central section. This was foun unacceptable and the project was abandoned.
Predecessors Modifications
'88' None

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  • Technical data
    Type '90'
    Function Bomber
    Year 195*
    Crew ?
    Engines 2*14795hp NK-12 (TV-12)
    Created February 10, 1999
    by Sergey Andreev and
    Alexandre Savine