SAM-5-2bis by A.S.Moskalev

40k b/w SAM-5-2bis at "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.555

General Info
Type SAM-5-2bis
Function Passenger Record Ambulance Passenger Record
Year 1937 1938 1938 1939
Crew 1 1 + doctor 1 1
Powerplant (1)
Type M-11 MG-21 M-11FN
Power (hp) 100 200 200
Size (m)
Length 8.0
Wingspan 11.4
Wing area 21.8m2
Weights (kg) and Loads
Empty 656 660 670 ?
Speed (km/h)
Max. at 0m 204 245
Cruise 175 -
Landing 70 -
Roll (m)
Landing 260 -
Takeoff 180 -
Range (km)
Full payload 515 -
Ceiling (m)
Practical 3700 - 8000 8400
Climb (min)
1000m 7.0 -
2000m 15.0 -
2000m 30.0 -
Seats 4-5 doctor + two stretchers 4-5

Refined and slightly downscaled modification of the SAM-5bis. Wing struts were deleted. Structure was strengthened to compensate for this change, and aircraft empty weight was increased by 76kg. Single-leg landing gear had original construction. Rubber-cord suspension was hidden inside the fuselage, integrated into main fuselage frame.

Improvement of airdynamic resulted in much better performance. Trials at the NII GVF revealed maximum speed 204km/h (29km/h increase with the same engine) and ceiling 4280m (1100-1480m gain).

Unlike unregistered records of the SAM-5bis, range record of pilots A.N.Gousarov and V.L.Glebov was properly documented and registered by FAI. On 23-24 September 1937 they flew non-stop from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk (3513km!) in 19h59min. One year later airclub pilot V.L.Glebov and mechanic A.S.Buzunov made another International record, climbing to 7000m.

Experiments with SAM-5-2bis continued. In 1938 it was re-engined with MG-21 engine. Altitude record was set for light multi-seat aircraft by pilot V.Borodin - 8000m (8760m in other sources). Next Summer (with supercharged M-11FN and metal propeller) pilot B.K.Kondratiev climbed to 8400m (under clear weather condition) and 8900m using thunderstorm front.

Moskalev was working on system of pure oxygen supply to the engine aiming on 10000m record, but The War canceled this project.

In 1938 A.S.Moskalev built ambulance variant (pilot, doctor and two stretchers) for the VVS. Aircraft was accepted for series (200 planned), but by several reasons (???) production was cancelled.

SAM-5-2bis was used by Osoaviakhim, even during War Time (1941- 1943) non-stop flights were carried out from Moscow to Stalingrad, Tashkent, Frunze.




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