An-24, O.K.Antonov, 'Coke'

A high-wing turboprop transport, designed as a civil aircraft, but used by some air forces too.
In service with Aeroflot since 1962, recently one of the oldest aircraft in passenger fleet carrying almost 40% of civil traffic. Ageing planes suffered several crashes, and on March 28, 1997 all were grounded for detailed technical inspection.


  • An-24RV -a modification for hot-and-high operations.
  • An-24A
  • An-24B
  • An-24T- cargo variant
  • An-24RT
  • An-24V

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  • Technical data
    Type An-24
    Function transport
    Year 1961
    Crew 3
    Engines AI-24


    Length 23530mm
    Wingspan 29.2m
    Wing area 72.5 sq.m
    height 8.3m
    Take off weight 19.2t
    Cruise Speed 430km/h
    Landing Speed 165km/h
    Landing Roll 580
    Takeoff Run 480-580m

    15m altitude takeoff distance

    Range 650km
    Ceiling 9000m
    Seats 44
    Load 4.0t
    Redesigned April 10, 1998
    by Sergey Andreev
    and Alexandre Savine