Technical data
Type AIR-11
Function General purpose
Year 1936
Crew 1
Engines 120hp Gypsy-Major
Length 7.32m
Wingspan 10.2m
Wing area 16.8m2
Empty weight 566kg
Loaded weight 891kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 53.0
Power load (kg/hp) 7.4
Maximum Speed 209km/h
Landing Speed 82km/h
Landing Roll 340m 30sec
Takeoff Roll 200m 16sec
Range 720km
Flight Endurance 4.5h
Ceiling 4480m
1000m 5.2min
3000m 21.6min
Fuel + Oil 80+14kg
Seats 2
Cargo ?kg

AIR-11 and AIR-16 by A.S.Yakovlev

AIR-11 was a 3-seat tourist version of AIR-10. Tourist aircraft with enclosed cockpit and 120hp Gypsy-Major engine. Built in 1936 and succeeded in state test flight, but couldn't enter production because of lack of good domestic engine.

S.V.Ilyushin crashed on this a/c flying from Voronezh to Moscow due to a fault of mechanic, who forgot to fill the oil tank. In 1937 almost identical four-seater AIR-16 was built (for 220hp Renault engine). It was rolled out to the airfield, but never flew... Yakovlev failed to acquire the engine.



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