Technical data
Type AIR-2
Function trainer
Year 1928 1929
Crew 22
Engines 1*65hp M-23 1*60hp 'Walter'
Length 7.0m
Wingspan 8.8m
Wing area 18.7m2
Empty weight 403kg 397kg
Loaded weight 646kg 640kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 34.6 34.2
Power load (kg/hp) 10.8 10.7
Maximum Speed at 0m 141km/h 140km/h
Landing Speed 60km/h
Flight Endurance 4.5h-
Ceiling 3534m-
1000m 8.7min -
3000m 46.0min -

AIR-2, Ya-2, ("Pioneer") A.S.Yakovlev

Development of the AIR-1 with radial engine. At least six vehicles were built(exept AIR-2S). They differed mostly by engines. The plane was built if fact in propaganda and educational purposes.

The first plane was mounted by Cyrrus M-1 engine. (first flight- october 1928, pilot- Piontkovsky) One was powered by NAMI M-23 engine. It had plexiglas canopy covering both cockpits and opening sidewards. But the aircraft was too slow to show advantage of a canopy. In addition engine vibration was above acceptable level.

There existed version with 60hp 'Walter' NZ-60 engine had performance slightly worser (due to engine drag) than the AIR-1. AIR-2 appeared to be the last biplane of Yakovlev.

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