Technical data
Type AIR-5
Function Passenger
Year 1931
Crew 1
Engines 1*200hp Wright
Length 8.0m
Wingspan 12.8m
Wing area 23.0m2
Empty weight 812kg
Loaded weight 1390kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 60
Power load (kg/hp) 6.9
Speed at 0m 193km/h
Landing Speed 75km/h
Landing Roll 100m
Takeoff Roll 100m
Turn time 13sec
Range 1000km
Flight Endurance 6h
Ceiling 4275m
1000m 6.5min
3000m 27min
Seats 4 to 5

AIR-5, A.S.Yakovlev

AIR-5 (36k b/w) from "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.477

High-wing passenger monoplane. Fuselage frame - wielded of steel tubes, front section covered with duralumin, central and tail sections - with fabric. In this aircraft A.S.Yakovlev took all possible of the high wing scheme with struts and fixed landing gear.

AIR-5 passed State Acceptance Trials in April 1932 at NII GVF.

Light aircraft took all possible from its scheme and powerplant. Performance was excellent, but it was not built in series because there were no suitable domestic 200hp engine at the time.

Predecessor(s) Modification(s)

AIR-4 Ya-4

AIR-6 Ya-6

  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.477-478;

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