DBV-302 , V.M. Miasyschev

The advanced variant of DBV-202. The plane was to be fitted with new engines. Nose cabin was redesigned in order

to improve viev for pilots. One more gun turret added. Wing span increased. Project was canselled because it was desided to

copy Boeing B-29.

Technical information
Firm designation VM-23
Function strategic bomber
Year 1946
Crew 9
Engines 4*2300 hp AM-46TK-2
Wing Span 43,5m
Empty Weight 23,100kg

Weight, normal


Weight, maximal 45,000kg
Speed ?
Ceiling 12,500m
Range, normal 1,700 km

Range, maximal

5,000 km

Armament 12*20 mm B-20 guns

Source: Vestnik vozdushnogo flota N1 1997 pp 46-47

Created February 5, 1998
by Sergey V. Andreev & Alexandre Savine;