S. Tsar'kov "Fregate"
"Poliot" design bureau named by P.Al'murzin

This plane was derived on the base of Chernov flieing boat. Sergey Tsar'kov promised to organise Chernov flieing boat production and KUAZ (Samara aviation factory) and was given the set of documentation. He failed to fulfill the mission but built Fregate using changed drawings. The plane has 2 3-cilinder engines made in Biysk. As soon as they has 6 (!) carburators they can be controlled very hard. Plus their reliability is very low. In result the plane fly but realively bad. It's hard to predict the future of this structure especially taking into consideration that original Chernov boat is protected by patent.

"Fregate" images from advertizing paper piece
(quality remain as in original!)
Technical information
Type "Fregate"
Function fieing boat
Year 199?
Crew 2
Engines 2
Length 6,5m
Wingspan 10,2m
Wing area ?
Speed max. 160 km/h
Speed min. 65 km/h
Empty mass 360kg
Take off mass 600kg
Created november 11, 1999
modified october 1, 2000
by Sergey Andreev