P.I. Grokhovsky G-26

plane view
front view
Year 1935 B.D. Urlapov in Grokhovsky design bureau(NKTP experimental institute) started deriving of light fighter with Hyspano Suisa 12 engine. It was single seater of mixed wooden/metal structure with retractable landing gear of bicycle scheme. The wing was duraluminium, the fuselage was wooden, the tail surfaces and rudder had duraluminium frame also covered with clothes. The plane was ready 90% till the end of 1936 but all the works stopped in connection with closing of the design bureau. It's interesting to mention that the plane resembles Bartini Sthal-6 and Moskal'jov SAM-13. It's quite possible that all three were to satisfy similar requirements.
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  • Technical information
    Type G-26


    Year 1935
    Crew 1
    1X HyspanoSuisa12
    834 hp
    Length 6,33 m
    Wingspan 7,0 m
    Wing area 8,96 sq.m
    Empty weight 1292 kg
    Loaded weight 1640 kg
    Speed at 0m 490 km/h
    Speed at 3380m 565 km/h
    Landing Speed 159 km/h
    Landing Roll 420-600 m
    Takeoff Run 450-700 m
    Range 750 km
    Guns 2 X ShKAS
    Created September 15, 2000

    by Sergey V. Andreev;