P. Al'murzin Kristall

This was an attempt of Piotr Almurzin and his team co derive cheap serial plane for initial education Can be used as glider without an engine. All ther structure is made of flat duralumin panels. The plane might be assembled nearly without any special devices. Three were built. The second plane was named Rubin. Kristall was made in Samara. The production was planned in Samara also.

  • Modelist konstruktor,1986 Vol.4 p4-5;
  • Technical information
    Type Kristall
    Function trainer
    Year 1985
    Crew 1
    Engines 1X35hp
    Length 4,95m
    Wingspan 8,0 m
    Wing area 8sq.m
    Take off mass 215 kg
    Power load 6,2 kg/hp
    Speed max. 150 km/h
    Speed min 60 km/h
    Wing load 27kg/sq
    Climb rate at 0 m 1,5m/s
    Created April 11, 2000
    by Sergey Andreev;