La-152 (Type 4) by S.A.Lavochkin

Jet fighter with straight wing, built almost in parallel with the La-150. Experience in the La-150 development was used, because La-152 had slightly later schedule. It had similar size, thinner laminar flow wing and more powerful armament. Airframe was lighter, fuel capacity slightly larger (563 kg against 553 kg on the La-150).
Flight tested during October 1946 - August 1947, not accepted for production.
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Type 3
Type 5

References Links
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  • La-152, Lavochkin
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  • Lavochkin aircraft at WWW.AVIATION.RU
  • Technical information
    Type La-152
    Function Experimental fighter
    Year 1946
    Crew 1
    Engines 1*900kg RD-10
    Length 9.12 m
    Wingspan 8.20 m
    Wing area 12.15 m2
    Empty weight 2310 kg
    Loaded weight 3239 kg
    Wing load 267 kg/m2
    Speed at 0m 730 km/h
    Speed at 5000m 778 km/h
    Flight Endurance 54 min
    Range 500 km
    Ceiling 12500 m
    5000m 6.5 min
    Guns 3*cannons 23mm NS-23
    Created February 17, 1998
    by Alexandre Savine