Ushakov B.P. LPL

This project of flieing submarine dates back to the begining of 30th years- the period of creation large Stalin fleet.

-side view

- front view

-top view

  • Vestnik vozdushnogo flota Vo3 , 1995 p.52-53
  • Technical information
    Type LPL
    Function torpedo carrier
    Year 1934
    Crew 3
    Engines 3xAM-34


    Loaded weight 15000kg
    Underwater speed 3kn
    Speed 100km/h
    Diving depth 45m
    Underwater time 45 h
    Underwater range 6 nm
    Range 800km
    Ceiling 2500m
    Torpedo 1x18in
    guns 2x2
    Created January 18, 1999
    by Sergey Andreev;