MiG-15 / I-310, A.I.Mikoyan/M.I.Gurevich 'Fagot'(former 'Falcon')/'Midget'

MiG-15 from Ned Avejic Collection


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MiG-15 became an unpleasant surprise to the West when it appeared over Korea. It's performance was superior to that of any Western fighter, despite some shortcomings in handling, equipment and armament.
This fighter appeared itself an attempt to create Air Forces on the base of one plane with various versions.MiG-15 was quite equal to North American Saber.But the blast of 3 cannons was much more destructive than one of opponent 12 machineguns.
The plane was derived in late 40th. The first flight of test variant named I-310 took place december 30 1947.
Aircraft was not critical to airfield. It was so easy to get out of spin, that pilots used spin as a standard maneuvre to get out of unpleasant situation. The engine was a license built copy of the Rolls-Royce Nene. The MiG-15 is the most built jet fighter, with over 18000 produced. It was manufactured at several plants. Significant number was built at 1st aviation plat named after comrade Stalin in Kuibishev (Samara)(nowdays it's Progress factory, www.samspace.ru)

Modifications :
  • I-310 (S-01)- first prototype;
  • MiG-15bis (SB)- advanced serial version;
  • MiG-15bis-ISh (Istrebitel' - Shturmovik, Fighter-Attacker)
  • See also image (34k) from Collection by Paul Nann;

  • SP-1 - all-weather version;
  • MiG-15 106019 (SO) - with moving ASP-3N sight
  • radiocontrolled version remained on the paper;
  • SU (MiG-15U)- ground-attack derivative ( 109035);
  • MiG-15 with refueling system
  • MiG-15bis (SYe) 12510- new profile wing and enlarged tail fin.
  • MiG-15bis (SD-P) the version for limited dimension runways.
  • SI- predecessor of MiG-17
  • MiG-15 (SR)- serial recconaisance version;
  • MiG-15 (SShe)- version with She 3-23 guns;
  • MiG-15 (SYa)- version with strengthened wing;
  • MiG-15bis (SR)- serial recconaisance version;
  • MiG-15PB - version with opportunity to be mounted with two 250liter fuel tanks under the wing. Later all MiG-15 got such an opportunity;
  • MiG-15S
  • MiG-15P UTI
  • MiG-15M - drone

  • Lim-1 - MiG-15 built in Poland ;
  • Lim-1A - reconaisance version with AFA-21 camera, built in Poland;
  • SBLim-1 - trainer with RD-45 engine ;
  • Lim-2 - MiG-15bis built in Poland ;

  • S-102 - MiG-15 built by Aero company in Czekoslovakia
  • CS-102 - MiG-15 UTI built in Czekoslovakia
  • S-103- MiG-15Bis built in Czekoslovakia

  • MiG-15UTI -trainer see Collection by Paul Nann; 2-seat trainers are in service with about 20 countries.

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  • Technical information
    Type MiG-15
    Function fighter
    Year 1948
    Crew 1
    Engines 1*2270kg Klimov VK-1 (RD-45F??)
    Wing Span 10.08m
    Length 10.86m
    Height 3.70m
    Wing Area 20.60m2
    Empty Weight 3681kg
    Maximum Weight 6045kg
    Cruise Speed 840km/h
    Maximum Speed 1070km/h
    Ceiling 15000m
    Range 800km
    1420km with underwing tanks
    Armament 1*g37mm
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    by Alexandre Savine;

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    by Sergey V. Andreev