S-80 and its variants by G.I.Litvinov (Sukhoj KB)

(8k) S-80PT civil passenger/cargo variant
(Small Commercial Engines: Sukhoi S-80)

(8k) S-80PT patrool aircraft with assorted air-to-surface veapons
(Military Parade Magazine article)

S-80 is the first commercial aircraft of the design bureau (leaving aside aerobatic planes). Rugged construction STOL transport aircraft of advanced technology with rough field capability, the S-80 is designed to replace thousands of Yak-40, An-2, An-24, An-26, An-30, An-32, An-28 and L-410. Since most of these aircraft were manufactured outside Russia, Russia's aircraft companies were faced with the practically insoluble problem of how to repair and renovate their fleets. As an aircraft without any predecessors, the S-80 was initially developed as highly effective transport suitable for use on both commuter and medium-range airlines. As many as 650 aircraft in different configurations may be sold by the year 2006.

The aircraft has a two-beam design with a high-aspect wing provided with improved high-lift devices. It has a roomy flight deck and comfortable 26-seat cabin. Owing to its inverted U-shaped tail unit and hinged cargo ramp in the fuselage tail, the aircraft may be loaded/unloaded right from/to a transport vehicle.
The plane boasts a pressurized flight deck and passenger cabin, great autonomy in operation, high reliability and long life - even under the most inclement climatic conditions.
Since the S-80 is intended also for export, its major engine option is GE's commercially successful CT7-9B turboprop, driwing Hamilton Standard 14RF propeller (different photos show 4 or 6 blade configurations). The 14RF, suitable for up to 2,000-shaft horsepower, features lightweight, field-replaceable, composite spar/shell blades and a highly accurate control system featuring synchrophasing for low noise.
Calculations indicated that an increase in the sale price of the plane, due to the use of imported turboprops and propellers, will be more than compensated by their outstanding reliability, long life and extremely low operating costs. Moreover, the joint venture set up by General Electric and stock company Rybinskiye Motory will produce such engines and also organize their in-service maintenance support on the Russian market.
The state-of-the-art avionics of the plane is also extremely important. A part of the plane is being developed anew (e.g., airborne computers, indicators, navaids), while some are vendor items (radio communication equipment, weather radar, ATC transponder, IFF, etc.). Export variants will be fit with the Rockwell Collins avionics.

(8k) S-80P during assembly;
( Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association)

(28k) S-80P during assembly;
(Military Parade article)

The dimensions of the S-80, construction materials and technologies used are similar those of the Su-27 aircraft. This means that the company has already mastered the manufacture technology of S-80 components and has at its disposal all the facilities and working areas required to produce 24 aircraft annually. At present modernization work is underway involving separation of the final assembly of civilian aircraft into a separate production facility. S-80 is now the most complete of all EDB conversion projects.
Shares of materials employed
Aluminium alloys 72%
Structural steel 5%
Steel, corrosion-resistant 3%
Titanium alloys 6%
Other metals 1%
Composites 7%
Other non-metallic materials 6%
Many advanced features, combined in a single aircraft, distinguish the S-80 from its competitors:
  • relatively high flight speed (up to 535km/h) in combination with STOL capability;
  • autonomous operation from actually inaccessible, unpaved and unprepared airfields (strips);
  • highly intellectual integrated avionics that is absolutely new for this type of aircraft;
  • ability to fly day and night in all weathers, using satellite navigation and advanced automated landing systems;
  • reliable and fully automated built-in monitor of airborne systems, locating troubles to plug-in units;
  • long service life and on-condition engine maintenance;
  • broad range of special-purpose versions of base-line aircraft:
  • (8k) S-80 load options (note that ramp space is also utilized);

    (8k) S-80P passenger cabin;

    Military Parade Magazine article;
  • S-80PT Patrool/Transport; Four aircraft were under construction at KnAAPO in 1997. This aircraft incorporates the Strizh (Swift) base-line equipment, developed by the Leninets research and production complex. Increased fuel capacity os S-80PT enables it to make a 10-12h long barrage flight and carry necessary weapons and special equipment.
  • S-80P Luxury/Business Passenger for 19/26 seats;
  • S-80GP Cargo-Passenger convertible for 3,500kg of load, capable of transporting Jeep-type vehicles or standard aviation containers; At present, this is the base-line model: its experimental series is now being built by the KnAAPO;
  • S-80GR geological exploration;
  • S-80R fish reconnaissance;
  • S-80M specialized multi-function ambulance and other versions;
  • Fire fighting version;
  • KnAAPO has extensive experience, ensuring the high standard of post-warranty service. Series production of the pilot batch was scheduled to start in 1998.
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  • Technical data
    Type S-80
    Function Multi-role transport
    Unit Cost US$6...6.5 million
    Year 1998?
    Crew 2
    Engines 2*1870hp ST7-9V Turboprop
    Length 16.86m
    Wingspan 23.16m
    Height 5.58m
    Wing area m2
    Empty weight ?kg
    Maximum Loaded weight 12500kg
    Wing load kg/m2
    Power load 3.34kg/hp
    Maximum Cruising Speed at 6000m 535km/h
    Economy Cruising Speed at 6000m 400km/h
    Landing Speed ?km/h
    Takeoff Run (ISA) 555m sec
    Landing Run 280m
    Range at max cruise speed (45min fuel reserve)
    3500kg load 650km
    1950kg load 2250km
    Range at economy cruise speed (45min fuel reserve)
    3500kg load 700km
    1950kg load 2580km
    Ferry range 2890km
    Flight endurance (for S-80PT) up to 12h
    Cruise Ceiling 6000m
    Fuel ?kg
    Seats 19/26
    Cargo weight 3500kg
    Cargo cabin 6.3x2.17x1.83m3
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    by Alexandre Savine