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After WW2 the works on heavy long range bombers were concentrated in Tupolev design bureau. Ther were several matters of this. Of course the economical situation was veery difficult in the country. Plus add that Tupolev with his hard character used every chance to get rid of any competitors. With the start of B-47 and especially B-52 developement USSR officials understood that current long range bombers, that were Tu-4, Tu-70, Tu-80, Tu-85 couldn't seriously compete with jet planes. When A.N. Tupolev was advised to derive new bomber he replied: "I'll never build such a plane becuse flatter of large swept wings is not investigated now and it's impossible to overcome it on subsonic speeds!" . Stalin was not glad to hear this and noted that "We'll help you if you have some problems" Tupolev said "but I was not learned to build such planes!" Myasischev whose design bureau was closed was working at the chair of Moscow aviation institute. There he attempted to derive the draft of new heavy bomber. The results of this activities were delivered in report at TSAGI counsil. After informing Aviation minister M.V. Chrunichev the deseision about re-creation of Myasischev design bureau was signed march 21 1951. This was the first step in the long road to famous Myasischev Bison bomber.

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  • References:
  • Aviatsiya-kosmonavtika, vol.12, january 1996, pp29-39
  • Technical information
    product 25
    stategic bomber
    Year 1951
    Crew 7
    Length ~44m
    Wingspan 50m
    Wing area 300 sq.m
    Normal weight
    Maximl weight 140000kg
    Wing load
    Power load 0,236
    Speed at 0m 700km/h
    Speed at high altitude
    Landing Roll 1200m
    Takeoff Run 2000m
    Range 12000km
    Ceiling 11000m
    Guns 3
    Bombs 20t
    Created November 12, 1999
    by Sergey Andreev and
    Alexandre Savine
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