Tu-124, A.N.Tupolev

plan view
front view

The successful experience of Tu-104 airliner eploitation made it available to think about creation of short range jet liner. The work on the draft of new plane began in 1958 under leadership of S.M. Yeger, D.M. Markov, L.L. Kerber, K.V. Minker, B.M. Kondorsky, I.B. Babin. The dimensions of the plane were to be 1/4 less that Tu-104 while twise reduced mass. Reduction of dimesions permitted to use Solovjov D-20P turbojet engine. The deceision of Ministry counsil No786-378 about creaation of new plane was issued july 18 1958. Tu-124 appeared to be the first during the work on which the scale strength calculations method by A.M. Cheremukhin were applied. This reduced the development time significantly. The trial planes were built in Moscow. The production was organized in Kharkov. The first plane was completed in 1960. Factory trials began march 24 1960, and march 29 the plane performed it's first flight. The plane was used up to 70th begining when it was replaced by Tu-134. There were manufactured 110 civil liners and 55 planes for air force.
  • Tu-124- serial variant with 44 seats
  • Tu-124- project for 48 or 52 seats
  • Tu-124- for 60 seats
  • Tu-124V- serial variant for 56 seats
  • Tu-124B- version with D-20P-125 engines
  • Tu-124K- saloon version
  • Tu-124TS
  • Tu-124SPS
  • Tu-124- VSTOL version
  • Tu-124Sh-1
  • Tu-124Sh-2
  • Tu-127- military transport

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  • Technical data
    Type Tu-124
    Function transport
    Year 1962
    Engines 2*5400kg Soloviev D-20P
    Wing Span 25.55m
    Wing Area 119,37m2
    Length 31.578m
    Height 8.082mm
    Empty Weight 22500kg
    Maximum Weight 38000kg
    Speed 970km/h
    Ceiling 11700m
    PayLoad 44-56seats
    Modified November 10, 2009
    Sergey V Andreev