Tu-134, A.N.Tupolev

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Jet airliner, a development of the Tu-124 with two engines attached to the aft fuselage.
Some are in military service to train to pilots of the Tu-22M/Tu-26 or the Tu-160. Those feature nose sections and navigation equipment of corresponding aircraft.


  • Tu-134A (4 variants for 76, 80, 86 and 96(65966) passengers)
  • Tu-134B
  • Tu-134B1
  • Tu-134BU
  • Tu-134A-SHe-1
  • Tu-134A-She-2
  • Tu-134D
  • Tu-134UBL
  • Tu-134UBK
  • Tu-134SL
  • Tu-134S
  • Tu-134M

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    Sources: Borodenko V.A, Kolomiyets L.V. Tu-134 airplane., Moscow, Transport,1972

  • Seliakov L.L. Notes of aircraft designer. Voenizdat, M.:1997

    Technical information
    Type Tu-134
    Function passenger
    Year 1962
    Engines 2*3090kg Soloviev D-30-II
    Wing Span 29.00m
    Length 35m
    Empty Mass 26950kg
    Max. take off mass 45000kg
    Speed 885km/h
    Ceiling 11890m
    Load 72seats
    Updated December 25, 2001
    by Sergey V. Andreev;