Tu-95M A.N.Tupolev 'Bear-A'

Tu-95M 'Bear-A' at the Monino AF Museum by Paul Nann

Tu-95M is the second version of Tu-95 aircraft. It is also an heavy bomber with a slender fuselage, swept wings, and four upgraded turboprop engines driving contrarotating propellers More than 30 years after its first appearance, it's successor versions are still in service as cruise missile carrier.

Aviatsiya i vremia 1995
Technical information
Type Tu-95M 'Bear-A'
Function bomber
Year 1957
Crew 8-9
Engines 4xNK-12M


Length 46,17m
Wingspan 50,04m
Wing area 283,7m
Empty weight 84300kg
Loaded weight 182000kg
Wing load ~550kg/sq.m
Speed max 905km/h
Range 13200km
Ceiling 11900m
Guns 6xAM-23
Bombs 12000kg
Redesigned January 24, 1999
by Sergey Andreev;Alexandre Savine
and N. Kuzmenko