Technical data
Type AIR-2S Ya-2S AIR-2S Ya-2S floatplane
Function trainer
Year 1931 1931
Crew 2
Engines 1*60hp 'Cirrus I'
Length 7.0m 7.7m
Wingspan 8.8m
Wing area 18.7m2
Empty weight 420kg 470kg
Loaded weight 660kg 710kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 35.3 38.0
Power load (kg/hp) 7.8 8.4
Maximum Speed at 0m 150km/h 140km/h
Cruise Speed 130km/h 120km/h
Landing Speed 60km/h 65km/h
Landing Roll 7sec 7sec
Takeoff Roll - 20sec
Ceiling - 3350m
Range - 500km

AIR-2S, Ya-2S, A.S.Yakovlev

4bk b/w the AIR-2S engine start near the Krymskij Most (Crimea Bridge), Moscow river, Moscow. Crowd on the bridge is ready for a show ('Notes of an aircraft designer') 20k drawing from "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.428

Version of the AIR-2 with more powerful 'Siemens' engine. Performance was improved substantially. It became possible to install AIR-2S on floats designed by V.B.Shavrov. Floatplane version was flown on May 18, 1931. Transition from wheels to floats took as little as 1hour 10minutes. Pilot B.L.Bukhgolts and passenger V.B.Shavrov performed short straight flight, and without stopping the engine another 10 minutes circle flight. Next crew to fly were Ju.I.Piontkovskij and A.S.Yakovlev.

Aircraft was flown many times on Moscow river (Moscow) without any problems.

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